The Top Four Mind Tricks Blocking Your Financial Success

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The Top Four Mind Tricks Blocking Your Financial Success

roadblock-breakthrough-2Everywhere you look, someone is talking about financial freedom: how to get it, how long it takes, and/or how much it may cost you.  Yet many fail to tell you the obstacles that could stand in your way.  The following is a list and how to overcome them:

1.  Retirement Okee-doke (Social Security/Employee Benefits) 

The retirement okee-doke  is the main reason people stick with jobs for 30, 40 and 50 years. That’s when they discover they wasted nearly their entire life doing something they hate.  Unfortunately in most cases, they have nothing to show for it.  This often leads to small lives built around limited dreams. In contradiction, the financially liberated find what they love to do, regardless of what it may cost them.  In other words, If you’re doing what you love, why would you ever want to retire?  Why would you ever want to escape? How can one retire from living their life purpose?

2.  The Entitlement Mentality

On some level, we as Americans have developed an entitlement attitude.  In dong so, has a created a country that’s okay with setting with being mediocre and not achieving more.  This leads to wallowing in victimhood, rather than achieving victory. It leads to not taking personal responsibility and feeling as though other people owe us our desired lifestyle.

3.  Financial Freedom

The core difference between those operating under this obstacle and those with the retirement mindset is that these people are just a little more ambitious. They don’t want to wait until they are sixty-five; they want to be free now. However, for most people, being financially free has very little to do with their highest purpose in life. It signals freedom from having to work, without specifying the freedom to live and live life with more meaning. The desire is based materialism rather than meaning. It hinges on having money, rather than revolving around values and ideals.

Furthermore, it fails to define when will they will be financially. When they are worth $1 million? When you they have $2 million of liquid cash? When their house is paid off?

4.  The “One day I’ll…” Mantra

“One day I’ll own a business.” “One day I’ll invest in real estate.” “One day I’ll lose weight.” You’ve heard these and other similar thoughts expressed, or maybe you’ve said these yourself.  We all do. The problem is, when is “one day”? There are certainly things that require planning and patience, but “someday” may never come. The lack of money is just a symptom of the lack of purpose in one’s life; money cannot fill that void.

“One day” is an excuse for playing small in the moment. If you really want something, then sit down and create a comprehensive plan for achieving it, complete with a timeline, detailed steps, and what you’re willing to do. The financially liberated don’t casually spout out “some days”; they act on with specify goals with a specify timeline.

Start Planning Your Financial Freedom by investing in real estate today…and Not Someday.

To Your Success!  

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