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Renatus Education

real estate educationThe Renatus Real Estate Investing Education program is unmatched in the
industry. It’s based on the proven learning methodology, Instructional
Systems Design. Consulting a PhD in Education and working with subject
matter experts, the company developed well-structured instructional
materials using objectives, teaching strategies, and systematic feedback
and evaluations.

The curriculum offers both online and live classroom instruction. Classes
begin at the 100-level and increases in complexity to the 400-level.  All classes
are taught by “practitioner instructors” who actually work in the areas
they teach.  Therefore, you can be confident that the strategies are
current and applicable to real-life investing!  All classes adhere to the Instructional Systems Design methods. Thereby each student receives a consistent, effective learning experience for every course.  Renatus offers two programs for a structured approach:

Essentials Courses

The Essentials path is the recommended place to start with your Renatus
education. With eight powerful classes, you will get all you need to
complete a transaction from start to finish.

Accelerated Investor Training (AIT)

For more advanced investors, the company offers the Accelerated Investor Training
(AIT) program. This in-depth curriculum is made up of Vocational Tracks
that focuses on specific investing goals.  These classes are similar to “traditional” graduate level college classes.  Each class covers a specific investment strategy covering several different areas within the real estate industry. This provides a focused, thorough learning experience. More importantly they are taught by seasoned  professionals… not gurus!  Each instructor has experience in his/her areas of expertise.  This knowledge is proven with each having to attain at least $1 million dollars in assets in their chosen discipline.  Hence you will be taught by highly qualified men and women who invest in real estate as their normal daily means of business!

Contact me for further information and get started on your journey to financial freedom!

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